RLQ graphics

From: Byungok Ahn (byungok.ahn@uni-essen.de)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 01:19:39 MEST

Hi ADElist

Being much indebted to Sylvain DolÚdec┤s advice I was able to run a RLQ analysis.
I have plotted the first ordination axis of the RLQ analysis of the environmental variables (Doc. Fig. 16).
But I still have problems with presentation of the RLQ results for the species abundance (Fig. 17, especially, how can I label the species positioned at the weighted average (circles) of sites where they occur?) and species traits (Fig. 18). I just try to follow the explanation of Sylvain DolÚdec (ADElist 09/10/2000) but I fail in getting the graphic which is close to Fig. 18 (I am very poor at French!). Please note that I used FCA instead of MCA to analyze the species traits.

Can someone tell me how to plot these graphics?

All the very best,

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Department of Hydrobiology
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