Re: Factor Map and Co-inertia Analysis

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 11:19:25 MET

"Culhane, Aedin" <> wrote :
>I am trying to reproduce the factor map figures from Thioulouse and Lobry,
>1995 Co-inertia analysis of amino acid physico-chemical properties and
>protein composition with the ADE package, Comput. Appl. Biosci 11(3) 321-9.
>I would be really grateful if you could tell me which results files from the
>co-inertia analysis are required to produce these figures.

You need files .iili and .fcta for figure 4, and files .iico and .cnta for
figure 5. This must be true only if you are doing exactly the same analysis
(i.e., a co-inertia analysis coupling a CA and a PCA, with more colums
in the CA table).


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