How to join the spp

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Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 12:10:42 MET

Dear all,

After studying and trying many possible analysis, I have concluded that
the MFA-AFMULT is an apropriate method to show us the relationship and
importance of many measured environmental variables.

I have 3 diferent types of environmental variables: soil data,
vegetational data, topographic data. So I have considered a kTab with
this 3 groups/blocs.

Now I need to relate all that to the Species data!

What and how should I do that?

I have also done the MFA-AFMULT for a kTab including also the species
data (as bloc 4)!
The results are Ok from the point of view of ecological
knowledge/interpretation/excpected results!

But this obligates me to perform PCA on the species data and I am
affraid that departing from a CoA should be more correct to these

Hope you can advise me on this.

Best regards,
Sara Mouro.


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