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    Dear Annelise,

    Within R, if you wish to merge matrices, you can use the commands rbind or
    cbind. But if you are unfamiliar with R, you may wish to create you files
    outside R and read them in.

    If you have ade4 files you can convert them using ade4toR. But I normally
    read in plain text files. You can read text files into R, using

    read.table("data.txt", header=TRUE, row.names=1, sep="\t")
    # This will open a tab delimited file (eg saved from excel)

    read.csv("data.txt", header=TRUE, row.names=1)
    # This will open a comma delimited file (eg saved from excel)

    Many ADE4 programs like your data to be a data.frame, read.table and
    read.csv automatically create a data.frame. However if you use scan, or read
    your data as a matrix you'll need to convert it

    scan("data.txt", what=123) # This will read in a file containing only
    scan("data.txt", what="text") # This will read in a file containing only

    # Using scan, the data will be read in as a vector, not a data matrix.
    # To convert to a matrix use matrix()

    matrix(scan("data.txt", what=123) , byrow=TRUE, ncol=10)
    # Scan and convert to matrix of 10 columns"data.txt", what=123) , byrow=TRUE, ncol=10) )
    # Same as above, but create data.frame

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes

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    Thank you for last time you help me with the metacard. But now I have change
    to ade4 connect to R. Much better illustration and possibilities.

    Can someone please help me with:
    I want to run fuzzy correspondance analysis and coinert in R. But I can not
    any commandoes for creating all this files into one files?

    Can I use the same files I used in metacard and how do I transfer them into

    Thank you

    Cheers Annelise

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