Re: ADE for Windows '95

Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 16:59:00 MET DST

Nadia Roselli ( wrote:
>I work with Windows '95. Which file have I to use to obtain

What do you call ELLIPSE GRAPH and ELLIPSE GROUP ?

>ADE for W95 is very difficult to manage when you work with different windows.
>There is something I can do or is so for everybody?

What do you mean by very difficult to manage ?

>For match two scatter I use the rigth command (SCATTER.exe Options: match
>two scatters). The first file is .FCCO, the second one is .FCLI, then the
>label(one in the first place and the second in the second place) but I
>obtain just a white graph.

The "Match two scatters" option needs two files with the same number of
rows, which is probably not the case if you use a .fcli and a .fcco file.

>I have some problem with ACM, I'm not sure if the problem is mine or in
>the program. I take the file.txt ... CATEGVAR.exe Options: Read Categ
>file and input a file.txt.

No, you should not input file.txt (i.e., a text file), but a binary file,
obtained by transformation of the text file with ADETrans or TextToBin.


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