Re: ADE4 et designer 6.1

From: spinazzi (
Date: Thu Jun 12 1997 - 17:36:21 MET DST

TILLARD Emmanuel wrote:
> Cher Jean
> Juste une info: J'ai essaye de recupérer des graphes sauvegardés avec ADE4 sous la
> version Micrographx Designer 6.0 pour W95, que je viens de recevoir. Ca plante à
> l'importation, en mode normal (wmf) comme en mode aldus placeable, avec le message
> "fichier peut etre endommagé". Et pourtant designer 6.0 possède pres de 40 filtres
> differents.
> A +


I'm sorry but I don't write French at all !

(How my english will be ?)

I used often Designer 3.1 with ADEwin.

You will have better result if you COPY the graph from ADE File selection window
and then you PASTE it in your Designer file. (It may happen that Designer will
give you the message: not enough memory for this operation; simply try again !!)

Then, if you want to insert it in an office document you must select only Bitmap
option in the Choice 'clipboard' of Designer Edit Menu. (Don't select this
option before you have got all the graph you want from ADE4).

Then Copy and Paste it in your document (Word, Excel,...).

You'll lose vectorial properties but you'll get the capability to insert it in
the text and to manage the graph in a 'normal' fashion.


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