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From: Stazione di Ecologia Museo di Storia Naturale (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 10:08:36 MET DST

Excusez moi, je ne suis pas capable d'écrire des longs papiers en français.

I hope I don't disturb you very much, but I want let you to know that our
Museum publish a journal of ecology ("Quaderni della Stazione di Ecologia",
ten volumes issued up to now). We accept papers on animal ecology of
population and communities; we keep a subsection dealing with ecology and
conservation problems of communities of terrestrial invertebrates in
wetlands (in Europe).
Another journal is starting (Tentative title: "Geobios") collecting papers
on earth science, museum science and systematics.
You can get more info (for instance, instructions to the Authors) asking:

Stazione di Ecologia<>

Merci beaucoup, excusez moi encore.

Carla Corazza
Dr. Carla Corazza
Stazione di Ecologia
Museo di Storia Naturale
Via L. De Pisis, 24
44100 Ferrara
Tel: (0)532/203381
Fax: (0)532/210508

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