Software for neighbouring graphs under Win95

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 13:22:33 MET

It is possibly my last 1997 message.

So I would like to send you all my wishes (Merry Christmas, Happy Good
Year and so on...). Comunication, culture and festivities (?) plays an
imposrtant role in the developement of Man as a they concern,
in some way, Ecology...or not ?
I'm searching a program for doing tesselation, neigbouring graphs, Voronoi
polygons (in short: something like the tools avaiable for Mac) but under

Can someone help me ?


Why not to open a 'Contribution section' (like gnuplot one) in wich
researcher, programmers and so on, could upload their software ?
In this section non-euclidian techniques or other software
(geostatistical, chemiometrical, graphical...). I would like, for example,
to program Target Factor Analysis (!), or genetic algorithms for
model search, predictive regression,... and so on.

What do you think about this idea ?


Federico Spinazzi

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