Re: Software for neighbouring graphs under Win95

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 14:52:06 MET

Federico Spinazzi <> ecrit:
>I'm searching a program for doing tesselation, neigbouring graphs, Voronoi
>polygons (in short: something like the tools avaiable for Mac) but under

A quick search with altavista gives many links. This one seems interesting:

and this one too :

>Why not to open a 'Contribution section' (like gnuplot one) in wich
>researcher, programmers and so on, could upload their software ?
>In this section non-euclidian techniques or other software
>(geostatistical, chemiometrical, graphical...). I would like, for example,
>to program Target Factor Analysis (!), or genetic algorithms for
>model search, predictive regression,... and so on.
>What do you think about this idea ?

I think this is a very good idea. I can set up a contribution section on the
Web server of ADE4.


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