Seasons greetings

Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 12:43:10 MET

Bon noel,
I want to performe C.A. with ADE-4 and I want to have both columns profiles
and row profiles in the map. And I would like to have the columns in vertex
positions (See Greenacre 1993, where vertex points are described as points
that "...define the extremes of the profile space", page 13). How do I
analyse my data in this way, with ADE-4?
I have read the ADE manuals, but I fail to see how to create a data file
with the adequate, non-symmetric coordinates. But, I understand that the
graphical "tool" is ScatterClass, since both rows and columns are in the
figure (The tool "Scatters" plots rows OR columns, not both).

I also would like to hear from anyone if you know about any seminars or
conferences regarding the use of CA/MCA, in the social sciences, in the
near future.


Kent Lofgren

University of Umea
Pedagogiska Institutionen
S-901 87 Umea
Tel.: 46 + (0)90 - 786 64 32 (office)
Fax.: 46 + (0)90 - 786 66 93 (office)
At the moment, I have the following academic interests: ADE-4 (multivariate
statistics), Bourdieu, Foucault, methodology, the social and scientific
construction of concepts, notions and knowledge about the human body, the
social significance of leisure, physical exercise and sport, social
reproduction, pedagogy, philosophy of science, power and knowledge,

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