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From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 12:46:19 MET

Federico Spinazzi <> writes:
>Is it possible to modify the Min/Max dialogue of grafical modeule in order
>to be able to fix the G factor as well as min abscissa etc... ?

Yes it is. I'll add it to my todo list.

>Is it possible to mask the files in the Open dialogue when opening for a
>label file (the mask could be *.txt, or *.123, or any other conventions
>you want ?) from a graphical module.

This is more complex, and the solutions differ on Mac and Win95, this is why
I have not done it.

>Why the selection for the default folder from WinPlus interface doesn't
>work ? It stays in my installation (on a ZipDrive) or is ia a
>common problem ? If I select, say, c:\Federico\foo from WinPlus interface
>and it was been previously set to c:\Federico\oof from a module, then the
>module again refers to c:\Federico\oof (of course it is not a very
>important thing, however, if it was added...)

I am not sure this is related to your problem, but there may be several
default folders according to the way you launch ADE-4 modules.
The name of the default folder is stored in a file named "ADE-4_PREF.txt".
When you select the default folder from the WinPlus interface, this file
is placed in the Stacks folder and it is used only when you launch the
modules through the WinPlus interface. If you launch a module directly
from Win95, the name of the default folder is read from another
ADE-4_PREF.txt file, which is stored in the Modules folder. Not very
neat, but much simpler for the programers.

>I have a 824x102 matrix quite interesting. If processed via
>Coa|COrrespondence Analysis it will give out a very courious scatterplot:
>the fist two rows coordinates are alligned on the y = x line in spite of
>the fact that 'succesive axes will be linearly uncorrelated'.
>I can send the data if someone is interested.
>However, they are count for birds species, it seems very likely a
>vegetation abundance gradient (oh, I don't pretend that this is
>such a great discovery).
>I really don't succeed in trasforming a text file into a binary one. Well,
>human fails but I did such a traslation so many times... I'm not able to
>understand why it crashes both AdeTrans and TextToBin. There is a way to
>understand what is wrong with the file ?.

Can you send me the files by email ? I'll try to find out what happens.


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