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From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 11:57:36 MET

Hi all,

I have some things to ask and some things to say.

Is it possible to modify the Min/Max dialogue of grafical modeule in order
to be able to fix the G factor as well as min abscissa etc... ?

Is it possible to mask the files in the Open dialogue when opening for a
label file (the mask could be *.txt, or *.123, or any other conventions
you want ?) from a graphical module.

Why the selection for the default folder from WinPlus interface doesn't
work ? It stays in my installation (on a ZipDrive) or is ia a
common problem ? If I select, say, c:\Federico\foo from WinPlus interface
and it was been previously set to c:\Federico\oof from a module, then the
module again refers to c:\Federico\oof (of course it is not a very
important thing, however, if it was added...)

I have a 824x102 matrix quite interesting. If processed via
Coa|COrrespondence Analysis it will give out a very courious scatterplot:
the fist two rows coordinates are alligned on the y = x line in spite of
the fact that 'succesive axes will be linearly uncorrelated'.
I can send the data if someone is interested.
However, they are count for birds species, it seems very likely a
vegetation abundance gradient (oh, I don't pretend that this is
such a great discovery).

I really don't succeed in trasforming a text file into a binary one. Well,
human fails but I did such a traslation so many times... I'm not able to
understand why it crashes both AdeTrans and TextToBin. There is a way to
understand what is wrong with the file ?.

Thank you all,

Federico Spinazzi

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