Bray-Curtis ordination

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Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 10:34:07 MET

I am interested in testing the program of Federico Spinazzi dealing
withBray-Curtis-Ordination. But I am more interested to know what
Bray-Curtis ordination is. May you can send me a copy of the cited
article of Beals 1984?

We ourself apply clustering methods and multidimensional scaling (MDS)
basing on the Bray-Curtis-Index. Curiously the Bray-Curtis-Index is used
only in marine ecology. One reason for that is the work and the software
PRIMER of Clarke and Warwick of Plymouth Marine Laboratory .
(, what
is well known around the North Sea.
One characteristic property of the Bray-Curtis-Index is, that joint
absence has no effect on the resulting value. Further, for two zero
samples that index is not defined.


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