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Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 17:12:50 MET

>I'm on my way of puting all the Docthem pdf files
>in a CD. I'm confused with directories

Here are the directories contents:

Modules doc, French, Macintosh format

Modules doc, English, Macintosh format

Modules doc, French, PDF format

Modules doc, English, PDF format

Topics doc, French, Macintosh format

Topics doc, French, PDF format

Topics doc, English, PDF format
Only Thema11.pdf Thema12.pdf Thema13.pdf Thema27.pdf Thema41.pdf

Topics doc, English, Macintosh format
Only Thema11.hqx Thema12.hqx Thema13.hqx Thema27.hqx Thema41.hqx

>Also, I understand that only the doc in French is complete (rigth?),

Not really. Some is only in French (most of the Topics doc.), some only
in English (first 6 parts of Vol 2) and some in both languages (Vol 1,
Vol 2 part 7, Vol 4 part 1, and most of modules documentation).

>Finally, could somebody provide me with a 1 line description
>or at least the title for each file? I would be interesting
>what's in file Thema53.pdf without opening it...

There is a summary in Volume 1, part 3 (note that this is an exception
to the above rules : Vol. 1 is in English, except for the paragraphs that
correspond to parts that are only in French) . For example, here is what
is said about 5.3:

5.3 L'analyse factorielle multiple
L'Analyse factorielle multiple (AFMULT) est une des méthodes les plus
pratiques parmi les méthodes d'ordination simultanée de K tableaux.
La fiche reprend les principaux travaux des auteurs de l'AFMULT,
B. Escofier et J. Pages, pour décrire l'utilisation du module MFA
(option Variable groups) qui contient cette méthode. D. Chessel. 27 pages.


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