CateqCovar or equivalent, used in Thema24?

From: David Stodolsky (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 23:54:50 MET DST

Could someone tell me where to find CateqCovar or equivalent, used in
Thema24 documentation?

I would also like to read in an Excel format file that includes variable
names, if there is a way to do this.

When I first looked at ADE-4 on the Mac, I was very impressed. However, I
have had many problems in trying to use it.

When trying to work the example in Thema24 on the Mac, I kept crashing when I
tried to use text2bin. However, I discovered that the Text2Bin in MacMul

Then I had trouble with "Read Categ File". Restarting without inits did't
solve the problem. When I tried to extract the Meteq data from the "Data"
hypercard stack to test "Read Categ File", this also caused a crash.

Now I crash whenever I try to convert a large quantitative file to a
qualitative file.

Getting documentation has also has had its problems. Some of the English
docs are in ./ADE4/DocThem, not in ./ADE4/DocThemUS. What is the point of
the separate directories?

This request caused the file to be incorporated into three messages, as
opposed to an attachment, as in the case of other moduals:
get adelist ADE4/DocCardsUS/Levels.hqx

My impression is that ADE-4, which has obviously had a lot of work invested
in it, could be much more useful with a bit more support and documentation.


P.S.: Since I had only one week of instruction in French over 30 years ago,
an English reply would be most useful.

David S. Stodolsky, PhD PGP KeyID: B830DF31

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