Re: CateqCovar or equivalent, used in Thema24?

From: Sylvain Doledec (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 15:55:02 MET DST

Hi David

>this had no effect whatsoever, pressing ok didn't cause anything to happen.

You have to fill the boxes entirely. Especially The D inner product
(default=1/n) box.
As written in the module documentation of MatAlg cliking the corresponding
finger will display a window for the definition of matrix D. In the example
"ChatBis" you have to select "2" since matrix D is in file xx.cmpl.

>same here. But after a restart, I got an error message like incorrect
>number of columns.
>Why do I want to get the xx.cmco file? I just want to finish the example in

In my answer I just wanted to show what the CategCovar meant theoretically.
For simple use you do not need it since the listing of the MCA module
incorporates all the material for interpreting the data (including
correlation ratios).

>trying the example was not enlightning, the first problem was the files
>produced by the datacard didn't match the documentation. later some of the
>output values didn't match up, etc.

OK. that is true the filename is now Mafragh_MilQ (97-11) instead of Mil. I
got the same results than those of the documentation using this file. The
Mafragh_Cla (97-1) file is not useful here.

Best wishes. Hope Jean can answer to your multiple crashes.

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