CONFERENCE: Compstat 98 Provisional Programme and Registration Deadline

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Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 18:46:07 MET DST

          COMPSTAT'98, Bristol, 24-28 August 1998
      Provisional Programme and Registration Deadline
Nearly 250 people have already registered for COMPSTAT'98 at the reduced rates
(the full rate becomes payable after Wednesday 24 June). A very varied and
complete programme has been prepared, providing broad coverage of all the
currently active areas in statistical computing. Full details are accessible
on our Web page

but, to summarise, there are two keynote speakers

B.W. Silverman Wavelets in Statistics: Some Recent Developments
G. Molenberghs Analysis of Clustered Multivariate Data from
                  Developmental Toxicity Studies

10 invited speakers

K. Eben Mortality Pattern Prediction in Worker Cohorts
J. Eccleston Design Algorithms for Correlated Data
A.R. Gilmour (Co)Variance Structures for Linear Models in the
                  Analysis of Plant Improvement Data
J.J. Meulman Optimal Scaling Methods for Graphical Display of
                  Multivariate Data
M. Mueller Computer-Assisted Statistics Teaching in Network
F. Muri Modelling Bacterial Genomes Using Hidden Markov
C.P. Robert MCMC Specifics for Latent Variable Models
R. Siciliano Exploratory Versus Decision Trees
D. Tjostheim Exploring Time Series Using Semi- and
                  Nonparametric Methods
M.J. Valderrama Time Series Forecasting by Principal Component

as well as 58 full (30 minute) and 64 short (15 minute) papers and 38 posters
arranged into sessions on: Bayesian Methods and MCMC; Design; Estimation;
Generalized Linear Models; Medical Statistics; Modelling and Bayesian Methods;
Modelling & Neural Networks; Multivariate Analysis; Multivariate and Tree
Methods; Official Statistics; Regression and Non-Linear Modelling; Robust and
Non-Parametric Methods; Software demos; Spatial and Temporal Modelling;
Splines; Survey Analysis; Time Series; Visualisation; WWW.

The programme should appeal to anyone working in statistics and using
computers, whether in universities, industrial companies or research

There will be an exhibition by software companies and publishers. So far, 16
exhibitors have booked, including five publishers, and we hope to confirm more
in the next few weeks. There is also a full social programme (Reception,
Dinner, Concert, Excursions...). For full details again see the Web page.

For further information, please mail:

compstat-98 @

or write to

COMPSTAT'98, Professor Roger Payne, Statistics Department,
IACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 2JQ, UK.

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