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From: Sylvain Doledec (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 07:29:46 MET DST

>Hi! I've been trying to use the Data.sta files to run a trial run for MCA.
>However, I have been unable to find folders that contain files with ".cat"
>endings, and I believe that these are required to run MCA. Does anyone know
>which Data.sta files contain these files?

Maybe a little bit late answerŠ

Files that contain raw data only are included in the Data.sta stack. A
".cat" file has to be generated from your original raw data file (binary)
through the CategVar module (readCateg File options). This file includes a
description of the table containing qualitative variables (number of row,
variables, the number of categories by variable, the number of rows by
category) that is used by the MCA module for running multiple
correspondence analysis.
You also can read the topic documentation 2.4 (available in English).

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