program for cases selection on ADE4 PC binary files and ASCII files

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 00:30:06 MET DST

Hello everybody !

Finally I've finished my civil service ...
As I've written in the past I'm working on a C library
for multivariate analysis. Something begins to work. :-).

I would like to know if anybody is interested in a programm
that allows cases selection on binary PC-intel running Microsoft
OSes (is it big-endian or little-endian ?) ADE4 files
(french people would be patient for my abuse
of english-like expressions).

It could work as follows:
select -i your_fine_data_file -o your_fine_selected_cases
-c <criterium>

<criterium> could be, for example:

"Var1 > 89 && (_log (_MEAN (Var3) ^ 2.7) + Var4) || _MAX (Var134) < Var2"

where '&&' stands for AND, || for or, ^ for power ...
Var1 stands for the first column variable, ...
Built-in functions are called with a leading '_' ...

Of course a GUI could be easily written and possibly
included in the standard ADE distribution (my code is
avaiable for everyone). Maybe this could make the selection easier.

Hello !

(ADE4 is terrific !)

federico spinazzi

P.S.: I've sent this message twice as I think that not being an adelist
member, I can't send message to it. I hope the message will arrive just one

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