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Malheureusement, je ne parle pas francais, et j'aimerais
nettement mieux etudier francais sans statistiques.

Alors, en anglais:

I am having a few problems understanding the CCA output files. Could
anyone suggest where I might find documentation files that explain the

I have run the CCA following a Hill & Smith analysis to join categorical
and quantitative variable tables.

1. I am interested in files that will enable me to produce an ordination
diagram so that I can graph a biplot of bird species and my explanatory
variables (showing the latter as arrows correlated to each CCA axis).

2. I don't seem to know where to find an output file with correlation
coefficients between my environmental variables and the canonical
correspondence axes.

- With the CCA Initialize explanatory variables procedure, I began with a
file containing 285 rows and 72 columns, however, the orthonormal basis
resulting file was reduced to 285 x 60 columns. And, I haven't been able
to figure out how to lable any of these variables...

3. Also, I would like to be able to perform a Monte Carlo permutation test
to determine the significance of the ordination once (if ever) I figure
out how to graph it:)

Suggestions would be much appreciated.


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