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Dear madam/sir,

Following you will find the information concerning the XIV Compstat
conference of the International Association for Statistical
Computing. The conference will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands
from 21-25 August 2000. The scientific programme will consist of a
variety of interesting sessions and also a full programme of social
events will be offered.

We also refer you to the website

We are looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht in 2000!

Local Organisation Committee &Scientific Programme Committee Compstat

Compstat 2000

The conference will be jointly organised by the Department of Methodology and Statistics of Utrecht University and
the Department of Statistical Methods of Statistics Netherlands. The
Department of Methodology and Statistics of Utrecht University has a
strong involvement in statistical computing and applied statistics.
Statistics Netherlands is also known for its expertise in applied
statistics, and for its innovative approach in the application of
recent developments of information technology to survey data
collection and processing.

Approximately 35 kilometres south of Amsterdam Utrecht stands in the heart of the Netherlands.
It was founded in 48 by the Romans, who built a military settlement
along the shore of the Rhine. In 695 the English Benedictine monk
Willibrord came to christianise Francks and Frisians and made Utrecht
to a centre of religion, which is still noticeable n present times.
For centuries, Utrecht was the largest and only city of importance in
the northern part of the Netherlands. Today, Utrecht is an attractive
city. With 230,000 inhabitants Utrecht is the fourth largest city in
The Netherlands, only Amsterd , Rotterdam and The Hague having
greater populations. With its magnificient cathedral, churches,
canals museums and historic buildings dating from the 16th century
onwards Utrecht is a city of outstanding culture. As host to the
largest University in The therlands Utrecht also offers a lively and
varied social scene with busy restaurants, cafes, pubs and
nightspots. Utrecht is easy reached by road and rail. Delegates
flying into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can take the train from the
airport directly to th centre of the city. If you would like to find
out more about Utrecht and how to reach it please visit the website.

There will be a full programme of social events including a Buffet Reception, Concert, Dinner and excursions,
to allow participants to exchange ideas, meet friends and see many
of the local attractions.

Scientific Programme

Statistical computing provides the link between statistical theory and applied statistics.
As at previous Compstats, the scientific programme will cover all
aspects of this link, from the development and implementation of new
statistical ideas through to user experiences and software
evaluation. The programme should appeal to anyone working in
statistics and using computers, whether in universities, industrial
companies, government agencies, research institutes or as software

Papers may be submitted in any of the following categories:
. Statistical research - Development of statistical methodology, especially topics that rely on computers and computing environments.
. Computing - Contributions of computer algorithms, tools and environments to the practice of statistics.
. Applied statistics - Innovative applications of statistical computing in any area of current interest.
The scientific programme will consist of a variety of sessions, such
as parallel and plenary presentations, invited and contributed
papers, poster sessions, one or two tutorials, and software
demonstrations. The Scientific Programme Committee seeks papers
touching on all aspects of computational statistics. This includes
theory, applications, and implementations. The Scientific Programme
Committee also welcomes papers in the field of Official Statistics,
i.e. papers in the field of data collection, data editing, data
analysis, and data publications. Papers may be selected by the
Scientific Programme Committee as full contributions, short
contributions or posters. Selection is based on submitted abstracts
of up to two pages. These should include the main results and
references, highlighting novel asp ts and indicating their relevance
to the above mentioned three categories. Further details and sample
abstract formats can be found on the website. Full contributions will
be refereed and published, with the invited papers, in a volume of
Proceedings by ysica Verlag. Short communications and posters will be
published in a 2nd volume by Statistics Netherlands and Utrecht
university. At the conference, several prices will be awarded: .
Three prices, each worth 1000 Dutch Guilders, will be awarded for the
best three contributions submitted and presented by young
participants (upper age limit 35 years for all authors on August 31,
2000). . A price will be awarded for the best poster presentation.
Invited speakers Keynote speakers . Donald Rubin (The broad role for
multiple imputation in statistical science), and . Peter Kooiman
(Mass imputation versus sequential weighting of a virtual census) At
the moment invited speakers include . Noel Cressie (Space-time Kalman
filtering and MCMC), . Antoine de Falguerolles (generalized linear
models with bilinear terms), . David Draper (Computational issues in
MCMC fitting of multilevel models), . David Hand (Methodological
issues in data mining) . Georges Hebrail (Practical data mining in a
large utility company), . Youngjo Lee (Analysis of correlated
non-Gaussian data via hierarchical generalized linear models), .
Helmut Luetkepohl (Bootstrapping impulse responses in VAR analyses),
. Agustin Maravall (Some applications of the signal extraction
technique to socioeconomic time series), . Erich Neuwirth
(Spreadsheets in statistical education), . Walter Racugno (Bayes
factors for model selection and prediction) . Hans van Houwelingen
(Nonproportional hazards models in survival analysis), . Ari Verbyla
(Spatio-temporal modelling), Please check our home page for the
latest and more detailed information.

Software demonstration and book exhibition

There will be demonstration stands for software producers to present their products, and book exhibitions.

Important deadlines

Abstracts received (post or e-mail): 8 November 1999
Notification to authors: 15 December 1999
Contributed paper for refereeing: 11 March 2000
Final versions of contributed papers 1 May 2000
Short communications and posters: 1 May 2000

Local Organising Committee

Wim Jansen , Chair (Utrecht University)
Douwe van der Sluis (Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operation research)
Gerrit Stemerdink (ISI)
Leonieke Wijngaards (Utrecht University)

Scientific Programme Committee

Peter van der Heijden, Netherlands, Chair
Jelke Bethlehem, Netherlands
Andrej Blejec, Slovenia
Wolfgang Haerdle, Germany
Roger Payne, United Kingdom
Christian Robert, France
Roberta Siciliano, Italy

Registration fees

Early Registration; deadline = 1 April 2000,
IASC/ISI/Other Approved NLG 650,00
Others NLG 750,00

Standard Registration; deadline = 21 June 2000,
IASC/ISI/Other Approved NLG 750,00
Others NLG 850,00

Late Registration;
after 21 June 2000 NLG 950,00

Students (send in document of University Registration) NLG 150,00

Address for correspondence

FBU Congress Bureau
Utrecht University
Attn: Mrs. Marcelle Buma
P.O. Box 80125
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 30 253 2728
Fax: +31 30 253 5851

For more information and for registration see

To ensure that you receive further information,
please send an email to,
or a letter to the address above.

Anouk Denis
FBU Congress Bureau
University of Utrecht
P.O. Box 80125
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31.30.2532728
Fax: +31.30.2535851

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