a Tcl/Tk GUI for some basic functions in the ade4 package

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ade4TkGUI is an R package providing a graphical user interface for some basic functions of the multivariate data analysis package ade4. The aim of this interface is to make the use of the ade4 package easier, particularly for beginners or occasional users.

ade4TkGUI is an R-Forge package. To install it, just type the following command in R:


The main functions of the ade4TkGUI package are:
    - data import (data file reading and ade4 built-in data sets)
Other functions of the ade4 package (particularly three-ways tables analyses) will be added in future versions of ade4TkGUI

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ade4TkGUI is based on the tcltk package, which is part of the base distribution of R. It is therefore available on all the platforms on which R is running, for example Linux, Windows, and MacOS X (with XQuartz). Interactions between the two interface modes (graphical and command line) are made easier by:
    - displaying in the console the commands generated by the graphical interface
    - commands history management
    - being able to use R expressions throughout the graphical interface.

ade4 book :

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