Dr. Simon Penel

Department of Biomolecular Sciences (here)

Current interests:

Position:  Postdoctoral fellow at :
Andrew Doig Laboratory

Funding:  Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department of Biomolecular Sciences
UMIST, PO Box 88,  Manchester M60 1QD, UK

Current work: The alpha-helix page (here)
  • Structures of N-Termini of alpha-Helices in Proteins
  • Length of alpha-Helices in Proteins
  • Motif Propensities in Proteins (on-line)
  • Side Chain Strains in Helices (on-line)
  • Side Chain Interactions in Proteins Helices and Peptides

  • An application: Helical Wheel for Peptide Synthesis (java)

    Previous work:
    Membrane protein crystallisation  (PhD 1997)