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From the molecule to the cell:
development, confrontation and integration of formal models and methods of analysis


The participants to this project comprise a single team, BAOBAB-HELIX.

The BAOBAB-HELIX team is located on the Campus of the DOUA (Villeurbanne, next to Lyon) and is part of the HELIX team located both on the Campus of the DOUA and in Montbonnot (Grenoble). Members of the HELIX team in Grenoble, headed by Alain Viari since Jan. 2005, work in the Rhône-Alpes research unit of the INRIA. Members of the HELIX team in Lyon are part of two groups within the Laboratory of Biometry and Biological Evolution (LBBE - CNRS/Université Claude Bernard de Lyon, UMR 5558), directed by Christian Gautier until December 2006 and by Dominique Mouchiroud since January 2007: the group Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics headed by Manolo Gouy, and the group BAOBAB created in September 2004 and headed by Marie-France Sagot. The HELIX team is associated since 2002 with the SwissProt group, headed by Amos Bairoch within the SIB (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) in Geneva, Switzerland, and since 2005 with the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) of the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. HELIX is composed of computer scientists, mathematicians and biologists (bio-mathematicians and bio-informaticians).

The objectives of the HELIX team are the design and development of methods and tools for modelling and analyzing genomic and so-called post-genomic data. Such data comprise, in addition to biological sequences, a diversity of other experimentally-obtained information. In all instances, the research activities of the team are dictated by biological questions, and the results, in the form of algorithms and computer tools, are evaluated as to their relevance in computer science or mathematics, and in biology.

Among the main topics covered by the team are (DNA/RNA and protein) sequence and structure analysis, comparative genomics and evolution, computational proteomics and transcriptomics, modelling and analysis of metabolism, modelling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks.

HELIX participants to the ANR

The HELIX participants to the ANR include members from both Grenoble and Lyon. The coordinator of the ANR is in the BAOBAB-HELIX team in Lyon. They include: