Operators allowing to combine several selection criteria

Elementary selection criteria (e.g., by species, by keyword) may be logically combined to create multi-criterion queries. Multi-criterion queries can be built in one of two ways :

  1. First
    • Use the Selection criteria buttons to specify each elementary criterion,
    • Complete each such step by pressing the build query button,
    • Use the Selection Operators between of before elementary criteria.

  2. Second
    • Type the query in the type-in box of panel Query respecting the syntax described below.
    • When the desired query is completed, press the exec query button of panel Query or hit return.

List of operators

Parentheses () may be used to delimit the range of operators.
Examples : Result: sp=homo sapiens et k=hormone human hormones sp=mammalia et no o=mitochondrion mammals but not their mitochondria list2 et k=atpase combine previously defined list2 with a keyword-based criterion (sp=homo sapiens ou sp=saccharomyces cerevisiae)et o=mitochondrion