ADE-4 User interface

Click on the following links to get the ADE-4 user interface.

This user interface is based on MetaCard

Screen captures interface. Click on the picture to view it at full size :

Read chapter 1.1 (Mac) or chapter 1.2 (PC) of the topics documentation for more information about installation and use of the ADE-4 user interface.

You can get all the user interface (Base, Data, Biblio, Info, Thema stacks, plus folders) at once here : For Macintosh, or For Windows PC

Note for Old Macintosh owners: If you have an old non PowerPC Macintosh (68000, 68020, 68030, 68040) you must download the stacks archive above, plus this special ADE4Start.Mac MetaCard runtime for old Macs, and put it in the ADE4Tools folder, replacing the ADE4Start.Mac application.

Just click on the archives to decompress them. On Macintosh, you need Stuffit Expander.

Beware ! These archives contain all the stacks and folders, but the modules folder (dir_exe) the modules documentation folllder (dir_pdf) and the topics documentation folder (dir_thema) are empty. You must download separately the modules, their documentation files, and the topics documentation files, and put them in these folders to obtain a full ADE-4 distribution. The whole distribution is about 70 Mb, so it is not possible to put everything in just one archive.

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