From: Dr. Ingo Keding (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 17:53:47 MET

Bonjour !

Thanks to the ADE-team for this excellent program - I guess it can be a
useful tool for all scientists who are dealing with spatial data (not only
in the field of ecology but generally in many other parts of geo-sciences
too). I suppose an English translation of all chapters of your manual would
increase the world-wide use of the software significantly and of course an
easier handling would be desirable. In particular the immense number of
intermediate files sometimes can lead to confusion (but I can imagine the
enormous expense necessary to improve this point from my own programming
experience, so I suppose there will be no change in imaginable time).

Now my problem: I would like to present the ADE4 software in my statistical
lectures in order to demonstrate the application of the principal component
analysis using your instructive Karst-spring example. Unfortunately I
cannot find the "Karst_Digi" and "Karst_Carto" files in the data folder,
which is provided together with the software (including all the test-data
of the examples described in your manual). Moreover I cannot find any _Digi
or _Carto files there. What is wrong ? Are the files not included or do I
misunderstand something in your manual ? I would be very pleased to get
some help.

By the way: Some modules are supposed to be restricted to Mac's only.
Until now I could not find out which modules are concerned. Can you tell me
which parts of the software are not running on PC's (especially with WinNT
) or works in a quite different way than described in the Mac-orientated
manual, respectively ?

        Ingo Keding, Dept. of Geography, University of Munich, Germany

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