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Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 18:16:53 MET

"Dr. Ingo Keding" <> wrote :
>Now my problem: I would like to present the ADE4 software in my statistical
>lectures in order to demonstrate the application of the principal component
>analysis using your instructive Karst-spring example. Unfortunately I
>cannot find the "Karst_Digi" and "Karst_Carto" files in the data folder,
>which is provided together with the software (including all the test-data
>of the examples described in your manual). Moreover I cannot find any _Digi
>or _Carto files there. What is wrong ? Are the files not included or do I
>misunderstand something in your manual ? I would be very pleased to get
>some help.

On PC, the Karst_Carto and Karst_Digi files are named Karst_Ca.BMP and
Karst_Di.BMP. This is one of the differences between the Mac and PC
versions of ADE-4. Also note that the documentation was prepared on
Macintosh, and that the graphics are much better when done on a
Macintosh than on a PC. So you may have difficulties obtaining
graphics of the same quality if you work on a PC.


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