Re: ADE-4 for Macintosh: MetaCard Interface

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 11:04:27 MEST

"Peter Mountford" <> wrote :
>I have found an inconsistency with the documentation "Thema_14.pdf" (The
>MetaCard interface (MacOS)) and the operation. According to the example
>given on page 9, "Create Data Folder", all text files containing numerical
>data are converted to binary files by this procedure - my experience is
>that only one file is converted and have confirmed this with other data
>sets; e.g. Meteo.

The problem is that the conversion from text to binary format seems to
depend on the power of the Mac CPU. On fast Macs, all the files are
converted, but on older Macs, some (or all) files are left in text format.
We tried to find out the reason of this strange behaviour, without much

>Also, in the bottom right-hand corner of the interface, prompts for
>ADEBatch, ADEBin, ADEPict, and ADETrans appear to the left of the bird
>button, but are inactive. Since the documentation (p14) recommends aliases
>for these applications, I suspect it is an as yet unimplemented but
>excellent afterthought....

I don't understand what you mean exactly. The buttons for the ADE... modules
are here only to open the pdf documentation files. The ADE... modules work
in drag & drop mode, so launching them through the MetaCard interface would
be useless.

Make an alias of these modules, put the aliases on the desktop, then use the
"File" menu in the MetaCard interface (upper left corner) with the "Open
data folder" option to open the current data folder. You can then drag the
text files and drop them on ADETrans to transform them into binary format.


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