Re: RLQ analysis

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 16:16:53 MEST

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    "Colleen Seymour" <> wrote:
    >I wonder if anyone can help me. I've been trying to carry out the RLQ
    >analysis in ADE4. When I do the PCA using the correlation matrix option,
    >with row weights obtained from the weight file ***.fcpl, I get a message
    >saying "invalid double selection". The system still produces a file. If I
    >then use this file in the RLQ preparation analysis, I get a message that
    >says "Q & L: non convenient weight".
    >Does anyone have any ideas what is causing the problem and how I might
    >remedy it?

    It means you did not answer "3" in the "Row weights (default=1/N)" field
    in the PCA dialog window.


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