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Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 08:12:23 MET

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    Dear Masataka Miura

    >I am trying to perform STATICO method in ADE4 with R 2.0.1 using the
    >data of 41 enviromnent factors and 73 species on 30 site, and those
    >couples of table containing repetition of 3 seasons. I followed the
    >procudule shown in paper by Thiolouse et al. (2004) in Ecology. STATIS
    >was performed using "Ktab.match2ktabs" function.
    >I can calculate most of processes mentioned in the Ecology paper using
    >the function.
    >However, my primary interests are the difference in the effect of
    >changes in environmental factors on benthos community at various
    >To analyze that, I want to draw a "trajectories factor map of the
    >sampling sites" shown in Thiolouse paper.

    You can find an answer to this question in the paper "Comment obtenir les
    sorties complètes de STATICO ?"
    (How to obtain the complete outputs of STATICO ?)
    at the following address
    It is a very interesting note. I think it is enough comprehensible for
    people who don't speak French.
    If you have problems, maybe someone can help you !

    Sincerely yours

    Anne B DUFOUR

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