Monte Carlo test

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Thu Nov 06 1997 - 08:33:53 MET


I have a table of integer number > 0.
It is like a site-species table. Then I have one or two variable (we can
consider them as enviromental variables).

I have the strong doubt that I can ALWAYS obtain a 'good' (say about 0.6)
correlation between any (the first one or the second one or the third one
or...) of the principal component of such a table and the 'enviromental
variables'. There must be a way to test this hipothesis via a Monte Carlo
tests with ADE-4, but I really don't succeed in concentrating myself on

Help !

I post the data.

        tab_2 is the table;
        ca_delta is the file containing the two 'env. vars';
        they come from an ice core, made in Greenland under the GRIP Ice
        Core Project of the European Science Foundation.
        The table contains the abundance of 11 mineralogical species along
        the core.
        The vars are two paleoclimatic record: log(Ca++) and d18O.

Thank you.

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