matching the results of coinertia-analysis with the scores of the temporal and spatial variability

Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 11:39:50 MET DST

I have been trying to test predictions of the river habitat templet
concept based on 27 stream sites, 18 quantitative variables of temporal
variability, 7 quantitative variables of spatial variability for each
stream, 86 species in 6 scales (0 to 5), and 80 fuzzy coded species
modalities in 22 categorical variables.
Following the procedures in Resh et al. (1994) four tables were
separately processed as follows:

1. A species traits table (86 rows, 80 columns) was processed by Fuzzy
2. An abundance (habitat utilization) table (86 rows, 27 columns) was
processed by row-weighted COA.
3. Coinertia-analysis using the iita.file after matching two tables.
4. Non-centred PCA using two tables of temporal and spatial variability
separately after transformations of all variables described by Cellot et
al. (1994).

My problem: I would like to examine and represent positions of the
stream sites, species, and species modalities in the temporal and
spatial habitat templet graphically, but I don=B4t know how to match the
results of coinertia-analysis with the scores of the temporal and
spatial variability. I think that a further coinertia-analysis may be a
possible solution for it. But how can I prepare for it?

Moreover I cannot find a file which may contain correlation ratios
between each categorical variable and each factorial score of the

Any help would be appreciated.



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