Some question...

From: spinazzi (
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 17:34:38 MET DST


1- I ask if the module Distances for Win95 work properly: I have made
many attempts (3-5), one following the other, in order to obtain a
distance matrix.

2- Does it differ the option 'Distances|Canonical Distances' from the
option 'Cluster|Compute Distances' ?

3- Is the option 'Distances|Principal Coordinates' size limited ?

4- Is it the only way to perform a Multidimensional Scaling with ADE-4 ?

5- Wich is the use of Digit, ADEPict and Maps for Win95 (I cannot obtain
any XY file as output from Digit; I'm not sure to know what they are
programmed for...) ?

6- I'm not able to save any graph (with the latest released modules,
Win95); how can I do ?

Many thanks for all your work , folk... !

Federico Spinazzi

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