Topics documentation

The documentation is available as pdf files that can be read with Acrobat Reader.
For each file, click on this icon : to get the pdf file.

The first volume (chapters 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5), the begining of the second volume (chapters 2.1 to 2.7) and chapter 4.1 are in English. Everything else is in French and will be translated when possible.

Volume 1: Getting started
Volume 2: Starting ordination
Volume 3: Instrumental variables
Volume 4: Coupling and constraints
Volume 5: K-Tables
Volume 6: Distance matrices
Volume 7: Maps
Volume 8: Spatial statistics (ADS)

PDF topics documentation files :

You can download the topics documentation files here :

Before downloading the documentation, you should download the user interface, so that you can put the files in the dir_thema folder that is created when installing the interface.

Topics documentation (PDF files) : several files at once or all the files at once

On our anonymous FTP server (, the files are stored in the /pub/mac/ADE/ADE4/DocThem and /pub/mac/ADE/ADE4/DocThemPDF directories (French) or in the /pub/mac/ADE/ADE4/DocThemUS and /pub/mac/ADE/ADE4/DocThemPDFUS directories (English).

You can also download the phD thesis of Laurence Blanc (in French and in pdf format) : Données spatio-temporelles en écologie et analyses multitableaux : examen d'une relation

And the habilitation thesis of Daniel Chessel (in French and in pdf format) : Echanges interdisciplinaires en analyse des données écologiques

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